Terms of Services

The Parties below have executed and agree to enter this contract:

WHEREAS the Client seeks the services of the Contractor and by which the Contractor accepts, in conformity to the terms and conditions set forth herein this agreement.

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, the Parties enter into this agreement with the following terms and conditions:

Standard of Work:

The contractor shall process all the necessary work permits, tools, equipment, and other necessary matters and materials for the commencement of the Roofing Project. Work Permits are only for roofing contracts.

The headcount of the Contractor’s employees shall be at the discretion of the Contractor in consideration of the expected date of delivery.


The contractor has $2,000,000 liability insurance coverage.

Limitation of Liability:

Bobby Built Roofing is not liable for damages due to misuse or neglect.

Our liability is limited to the cost of services provided.

Maintenance of Workplace:

The contractor shall ensure cleanliness every day when the Contractor’s employees work in the field. All materials and tools shall be kept away from the possible risk of harm or injury after the day’s work where said tools or materials shall not be used. Thefts of the materials are the not contractor’s responsibility.

The client understands that during the project, Dust may accumulate on the furnishings of the premises. It is understood that clean-up of the accumulation of dust on the property shall not be the responsibility of the Contractor.

WorkSafe NB:

This is to confirm that the following employer’s account with WorkSafe NB is active for the 2024 calendar year. Assessable payrolls for this employer are reported monthly and their assessment is paid monthly. Their account is in good standing.

Terms of payment:

The remaining balance must be paid by the Client to the Contractor on completion. Overdue payments will be subject to 7.99% interest charges every 30 days.

Financing services are available for clients upon approval from Financeit. Clients are stll responsible for payments, regardless of direct or 3rd party funding.

It is common for costs to change due to unforeseen circumstances, and additional items or services may incur extra charges. It is important to keep in mind that estimates are subject to revision as the project progresses and more information becomes available. If there are any additions or modifications to the initial scope, it is advisable to discuss and clarify the associated costs with the relevant parties involved. Some examples include but are not limited to; rot, mould, asphsdos and other such unsafe or unfit work enviroments.

Initial Down Payment:

Requesting 50% of the contract price.

Entire Contract:

This Contract, the provisions, and terms and conditions found herein shall compose of the entirety of this agreement. The Parties affirm that there are no other prior binding agreements in relation to this agreement other than this agreement. The Parties, however, may include agreements with their counterparts which shall form part of this agreement, and which shall be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Refund Eligibility:

Refund requests must be made in writing within 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) of the project start date.

If the product needs to be returned to the vendor, a restocking fee of 25% of the total amount will be deducted from the refund amount. In addition to the restocking fee, a nominal administration fee of 5% will be deducted from the total amount.

Warranties and Guarantees:

We stand behind our workmanship with a product verying warranty. All contracts include a three day grace period for touch-ups to be made, after which a warranty claim work order will be required. All materials used are covered by manufacturer warranties.For warranty claims, please contact us at 506-543-7663 or accounting@bobbybuilthomes.com.

Any additional work such as: Rotten boards, rotten plywood, extra layers of shingle, and anything undisclosed in this estimate are at extra cost.

Limitation of Liability:

Bobby Built Roofing is not liable for damages due to misuse or neglect.

Our liability is limited to the cost of services provided.

Intellectual Property:

All content on our website is owned by Bobby Built Roofing.

Users may not use our logos, trademarks, or content without permission.

Dispute Resolution:

Any disputes will be resolved through all legal arbitration.

As Canadian and New Brunswick laws govern these Terms.

Updates to Terms:

We may update these Terms as needed.